Re: interiority

Joni Mitchell and George Eliot

If you got your fill of geopolitical madness from the last post, consider delving into what I’d call the two great sources of wisdom on human interiority: the nineteenth-century novel and Joni Mitchell’s Blue.

  1. The Baffler strikes again with John Merrick’s richly informative review of Carolyn Lesjak’s new book, a reclamation of realist fiction.

  2. You might have already come across this polyvocal homage to the most influential of Joni Mitchell’s many provocative, exuberant, heart-shattering albums. Listening to “A Case of You” does indeed feel like getting stabbed.

  3. It’s Blue’s fiftieth birthday, the perfect time to get to know it if you don’t already. Might I also recommend two more great albums from Joni’s early days? Ladies of the Canyon (“Rainy Night House”) and For the Roses (too many transfixing bangers to list) are equally worthwhile troves from around the same time.

Happy reading, happy listening.

image by Cori Amato Hartwig