recs tremendae

2 pods + a read

If this week’s recs have a theme, it’s the disaster of neocolonialism. But there’s a motivating clarity in all these offerings.

  1. News in context

    In a lively but devastating interview on residential schools, John Kane (Resistance Radio, Let’s Talk Native) debunks common misconceptions about Truth and Reconciliation in Canada and Native representation in US politics.

  2. Climate

    Briahna Joy Gray, Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò (both featured in recent newsletters), Holly Jean Buck and Alexander Kaufman bring various key disciplines to bear on debates over climate goals and geo-engineering.

  3. Some fun

    If you’re seeking lighter fare, a terrific excerpt adapted from Maryse Condé’s memoir Of Morsels and Marvels (trans. Richard Philcox) appeared today in Book Post, an OG Substack on books and publishing that just keeps getting better.

Til next time, may one or more of these send you down a rabbit hole you won’t regret.

Thumbnail image by Rand MacNally & Co., c. 1891, enhanced by rawpixel