+ some fiction to ease the pain

April 2022

amazon workers unite as the company bans words like 'restroom' and 'compensation'

March 2022

"No wonder we're creating these magical worlds to escape to."
"We need to be teaching the intellectual history of our politics."

February 2022

PW + Belabored + Briahna Joy Gray on Ukraine
+ mixed martial arts

January 2022

guest essay in Book Post

December 2021

Marianne Williamson interviews Steven Donziger. (& more)
"I don’t want my children to live in a world where it’s become a crime to tell the truth.”
a great little piece on film + IATSE update + "microwork"

November 2021

arts ICYMI, Sally Rooney’s statement of solidarity with Palestinians Her latest novel’s good, too. Salley Rooney on The Louisiana Channel labor Looking…

October 2021

mag + strike + Donziger, nukes